IPHARM Promotional Clip

Institutional video of 2min30sc.


IPHARM promotional clip produced by WIZART STUDIO at the request of IPHARM, a group of independent pharmacies.
To best meet the demands and wishes of our dear customers, we have worked closely with Alexandra Case, head of the communication department of IPHARM, to build a visual storyboard.
Aimed at pharmacies, conventions or salons, this video was produced in 16/9 format as well as in 9/16 format. A shorter version for social media has also been developed.

The video was directed by Mikaël Vecchio (Wizart Studio), framed by Mikaël Vecchio and Gwendal Biscueil.
The motion design was developed by Héloise Fournier, a trusted partner of WIZART STUDIO.

Production : WIZART STUDIO
Year : 2022
Duration : 2min30sc

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