Music video – I Come in piece

6’16 music video written, directed and edited by Mikaël Vecchio

Description of projet

I COME IN PIECES is an electro rock track from UNDERDOGS and has been shared around the world thanks to its creative and technical qualities.  From a multi-layered text, Mikaël Vecchio created this piece that shows the ties of friendship that grow stronger over the passage of time.
I COME IN PIECES has been selected for presentation in over 20 international festivals and won awards in over half of these.  Directed and edited by Mikaël Vecchio and supported by his team, this video has won 10 awards.



Best Music video / LAIFFA
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

Best Music video / HIMPFF
Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival

Best Director / HIMPFF
Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival

Best Editing / HIMPFF
Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival

Best Music video / DMOFF Direct Monthly Online Film Festival

Best Music video / Audience Awards 

Best Music video / Warsaw Independent Film Festival 2017

Best Music video / Hollywood Film Competition


Direction : Mikaël Vecchio
Camera : Mikaël Vecchio & Gwendal Biscueil
Drone shots : Brice Peribere
Make up : Manuela Cordero
Costumes design : Hélène Caron
Editing : Mikaël Vecchio
Calibration : Edouard Potier


The brown (Child) : Romain Malot
The blond (Child) : Misha Godreau
The brown (Young adult): Dan Duchateau
The blond (Young adult): Benjamin Pizier
The brown (Adult) : Allan Duchateau
The blond (Adult) : Hugues Manoury

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